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Glenda Hatchett Foundation:
Fit Family Fun Fest

Fit Family Fun Fest is a new anti-obesity program from Judge Glenda Hatchett, the best-selling author and host of a two-time Emmy-nominated television show.

Through ParentPowerNow!, Judge Hatchett's popular online community of people interested in working together and learning more about parenting, she is reaching out to thousands of families across the country with information, activities, tips and guidance about healthy eating, physical exercise and positive outlooks. The Fit Family Fun Fest also features live health events in cities nationwide and guest experts on her live website radio program. Judge Hatchett was chief presiding judge of one of the largest juvenile court systems in the country and is known for her syndicated TV program, books, and Internet radio program. An advocate for strengthening family units, she says families taking steps together toward good health is a part of that mission.

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